Unrivaled 9Gramm BottleCage - Roadbike & Triathlon

9 Grams Or Less

Maximum durability despite ultralight construction. The new xFKin3D winding technology enables a performance weight that is unrivaled to date.

Bionic Design

The design of the bottle cage is designed for maximum function. The result is a characteristic and at the same time ascetic form.


The bottle cage maximizes the characteristic of the high tensile load of carbon. The entire component consists of a seamless fiber strand.


The winding technology in combination with the lightweight material combines the best of both worlds. The result is a durable bottle cage in ultralight construction.


The technology to process carbone as a strand was originally developed for motorsports and  aviation technology.

However it soon became clear that the obvious advantages of heavy loads combined with light weight could also be used in cycling.

The result is a bottle holder in the revolutionary xFKin3D design with unrivaled power-to-weight ration and bionic design.

Thanks to its design, the bottle holder is so flexible that the bottle can not only be inserted and removed in the classic way, but also clipped forwards out of the cage – unique for a bottle holder.





5 kN

Tensile Load


The entire holder consists of only two components: carbon fiber and synthetic resin. The shape is created solely by the approximately 4 meter long carbon filament.

This is impregnated with synthetic resin and cured after completion of the winding by baking. The use of only two components saves weight while supporting the durability and corrosion resistance of the cage.

Because the fibers are always arranging slightly different during the production process, every Carbone bottle holder is unique.

The result is a high-strength, extremely flexible carbon cage, which holds each bottle tightly and keeps it close at hand in every situation.

360 Degree Photo  The Bottle Holder In Detail

With our 360 photo you can look at the holder in full size. The photo shows all the details of the winding technology.

Watch 360 Degree Photo
Ideal For Lightweight Enthusiasts

Bionic Design

The 9 grams of weight make the bottle holder unrivaled.


The winding allows to work without cutting. There are no weak points in the component due to processing.


There is no cutting during production. The production is therefore free of waste.


During manufacture, the tool is rotated around all axes to seamlessly process the fiber. Result is the bionic form.


Without producing waste and material only wher it is needed the technology sets new standards.

Best Value For Money

The bottle holder will be shipped in single, double or triple pack.

Für Triathlon und Rennräder eignet sich die Verwendung von zwei Haltern.
Für die Anbringung von Multitools und/oder Pumpen eignen sich die 18 mm leichtbau Aluminiumschrauben optimal.


€ 59,99

  • 1 Bottle Holder
  • 2 18 mm ultraleightweight aluminium screws
  • incl. 19% VAT
  • ADDITIONAL costs international shipping +14,00 €


€ 59,99

  • 1 Bottle Holder
  • 2 18 mm ultraleightweight aluminium screws
  • incl. 19% VAT
  • NO SHIPPING COSTS within Germany

These Riders Trust Carbone

Professional sports are about milliseconds and every inch. We asked our athletes why they trust in Carbone Bottle Holders.

Das haben sie dazu zu sagen:

“As Ulrtacyclist you drive regularly several thousand kilometers in a short time. In fact, every gram counts here. And if I have the choice to move 10 grams less than everyone else, I assume that. That’s why I love the Carbone bottle cage – there’s no lighter one that can stand this much”

Pierre Bischoff
Ultracyclist & Race Winner

“Every time it gets down to business, you want nothing to get loose. The Carbone bottle cage reliably ensures that the bottle stays where you want it – no matter how hard it gets. Because the bottle cage is so reliable, he is my faithful companion. “

Christoph Strasser
Road Bike Race Winner

“Physics is sometimes very simple. Mass that accelerates costs strength. The Carbone bottle cage is the lightest bottle cage known to me and therefore increases my performance potential by the saved weight. That’s how easy it can be.“

Peter Fassbänder
Inventor Carbone Bottle Cage

Road Bike & Triathlon

At first glance, the bottle holder is particularly suitable for racing and triathlon bikes because of its weight advantage

The Carbone bottle holder easily accommodates all common bottle dimensions.

Die platzsparende Ausführung ermöglicht zudem den Einsatz von zwei Haltern an einem Rahmen gleichzeitig. Viele Triathlonbikes habe hierzu eine entsprechende Vorbereitung am Rahmen. Auf Kopfsteinpflaster oder einem holprigen Abschnitt sowie auf dem Gravelbike bleibt die Flasche immer an ihrem Platz. Die Klammer umschließt die Flasche dabei sicher. Weiter wirkt die Innenseite des Flaschenhalters rutschhemmend und trägt zusätzlich zum sicheren Halt bei.

Mountainbike & Enduro

Only at second glance also opens up the weight advantage of mountain biking

Here, too, the trend is towards lightweight construction. Especially on the way up, no unnecessary weight should be towed up the mountain.

Besonderes Augenmerk liegt allerdings hier auf dem Weg nach Unten. Bei teilweise verblocktem Gelände und Sprüngen hält der Carbone Flaschenhalter die Wasserration sicher am Rahmen fest. Vorteile: Schwerpunkt absenken, weniger Gewicht, kein Rucksack, bequemer Biken, weniger beschleunigte Masse.